Business Sectors
Mobile Network
Mobile Network Planning, Implementation, Site Acquisition, Project Management, Budget, Database Tools Management, Data Network, Inventory, Audit, Quality, Operations.

Energy Distribution
Automatic Meter Reading System, Smart Meters, Smart Grid, Business Process Improvement, New Communication Technologies, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Lost-Theft Detection, Early Downtime Detection, Pilot Project, Production Facilities Infrastructure, Energy Market Demand-Forecast

Private Communication Systems
Private Telephone Switches, Automated Attentand and Voice Mail, Air Condition, Fire Detection, Hotel Computing Systems, Training, Translation, Documentation, Technical Support, Sales Support, Installation, Upgrades, Cut-Over, Extensions etc.

Fixed Line Network
Public/City/Home Telephone Switches, Hardware and Software Tests, Extensions, Upgrades, Cut - Over, Coordination of CIS installations with Russian language, Acceptance tests.